What if you could share ideas and thoughts about education and professional learning with other educators, leaders, researchers, and stakeholders without the toxicity and noise of social media platforms like Twitter/X?

From pedagogy to culture war issues and everything in between, ThoughtStretchers is a community of educators—and those who value education—cutting through the noise of Us v. Them tribalism to think deeply and question complex challenges in Pre-K12 education.

Our Mission Question:

How can we grow a reality-based community to productively discuss important, sometimes uncomfortable ideas in education?


To advocate for and foster practices of objective pluralism among educators and with stakeholders and students in order to advance knowledge and best practice.

“Do not block the way of inquiry.” ― Charles S. Peirce 

Join the Community!

Education is faced with rising polarization that is making it more difficult to find productive paths forward and improved educational outcomes. ThoughtStretchers is meant to be a reality-based community where nuance and complexity are highlighted in pursuit of better understandings and better outcomes for students.

The noisiest voices of the illiberal extremes dominate our ‘dialogue’ and block inquiry, critical thinking, and problem-solving. A quieter and more sensible majority yearns for a more plura

ThoughtStretchers breaks through the noise via:

  • a private social-media style feed with Groups and Forums for conversations and connections
  • events with guest speakers, panels, and salon-style discussions
  • advocacy for the application of objective pluralism in education.

Together we engage in relentless advocacy for approaching important problems in education with the classically liberal principles upon which our democratic ideals depend. Let’s stretch our thinking and take back the ‘conversations’ together!

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