Objective Pluralism

Looking for help in building a better understanding of the pressures of culture war issues and how teachers, leaders, and all stakeholders can productively navigate them?


This workshop for teachers and other stakeholders in the education ecosystem advocates for objective pluralism through the application of liberal science (not to be confused with the term liberal as opposed to conservative!). 

The content includes concepts like:

  • understanding the political spectrum in the contest of illiberalism
  • intellectual humility
  • two core rules and ten commitments as noted on our Guiding Principles page
  • 3 challenges to free thought (fundamentalist, egalitarian, and humanitarian)
  • these three “great untruths”:
    1. What doesn’t kill you makes you weaker
    2. Always trust your feelings
    3. Life is a battle between good people and evil people.

Pre-K12 education serves many purposes and one of them is to help develop children into productive and happy adults. Part of that includes being the active and informed citizen that our democracy demands. Far from perfect, our country’s system relies on good faith actors and the possibility of dissent.

To counteract the threats of indoctrination and recognize and reckon with the ugliest breaches of our democratic ideals our schools must engage in liberal science through cultures of conversation. Anything different brings us closer to orthodoxy and authoritarianism which know no partisan bounds.

We can not afford to bury our heads in the sand and avoid contentious topics. Instead, our schools and educators need to redouble our efforts to engage in those democratic ideals that bring out our best and marginalize any who seek to indoctrinate and shut down ideas and thinking that don’t fall in line with their orthodoxy.